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Behind the Scenes: The Stair Step Quilt

Kristi SchroederComment

I've grown up spending a few weeks in the summer in New Mexico with my family. The ranch was built by my great grandfather in 1938 (my dad now fondly refers to it as a functioning antique) and is located in the middle of the Pecos Wilderness. There is no cell service or TV. Just the mountains and the clear blue skies = plenty of time for uninterrupted sewing.

Initially I had started this quilt earlier this summer...

But didn't have the time to finish it until I was at the ranch. Side note - a ping pong table acts as an excellent surface when basting a quilt.

I am big fan of using painters tape while quilting, especially when turning corners. I highly recommend it for all of you quilters out there!

Luckily, I finished the binding in record time on the front porch.

Binding on the front porch with Dash.

I'm really happy with the final design and already have a few other color options in the works. Quilt is available for purchase here. xoxo