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Alaska Y'all - Part 1

Kristi SchroederComment

If you follow me on instagram, you knew that September was the month of travel for me. The summer was filled with some not so fun personal stuff and it left me feeling completely tapped out creatively. So when I had a chance to visit a close family friend of mine in Anchorage, Alaska, I jumped on it. Because we all know traveling is the one way to get your creative inspiration back right? Right. 

Day one was a late breakfast at Snow City Cafe followed by biking the coastal trail and then grabbing a much deserved glass of champagne (or two) at the Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar.

Then next day was a day tour to Portage Glacier Lake and wildlife watching at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

All I can say is that if you ever get a chance to go to Alaska, go.  xoxo