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The 100 Day Project Launch

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It's been quite a while since I've ventured onto the blog. This past year has been filled with lots of life changes, including relocating to Austin this past summer. Needless to say the move coincided with a big work project (more about that later) and I'm finally coming up for air in the blogging world. So hi guys!

On to the fun stuff - The 100 day project. If you're not familiar with it, it was started by Elle Luna a few years ago and focuses on the process of 100 days of making and I decided to finally participate this year on a whim after wrapping up my big deadline a few weeks ago.

Initial K Studio 100 Day Project
Initial K Studio 100 day project

Rather than focus on sewing related project, I decided it was best to change things up with sketching instead. I love the freedom of it so far, although I'm terrified I'm going to run out of ideas. But then again, that's the whole point of the project right? Regardless, I hope you join me over on instagram for the daily journey. Cheers y'all!