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Kristi SchroederComment

This past week I headed down the to south Texas coast to spend time with my family. Days were filled with early morning walks on the beach, family time with my adorable niece and nephew, and lots of creative sewing. 


I've been wanting to conduct a quilt study with neutrals and greys and decided that a quilt maquette would be the perfect answer. Luckily, the maquettes came together rather quickly - despite a small mishap with the rotary cutter (documented via instagram).

Initial K Studio Quilt Maquettes

When comparing the two, my graphic design eye is drawn more to the neutrals, as the colors blend rather seamlessly. Overall, I think the dark greys and blacks were too dark to use compared to the lighter greys. Next time, I'll probably use 6 shades of grey, rather than 8 shades.

Initial K Studio Quilt Maquette - Grey
Initial K Studio Quilt Maquette - Grey
Initial K Studio Quilt Maquette - Neutrals
Initial K Studio Quilt Maquette - Neutral

Regardless, it was a great experiment and more than likely will be making a few more maquettes in the near future. My next thoughts are what to do with these samples? Lucite frame? iPad cover? The possibilities are endless. Keep your eye on the shop - more than likely will list them for sale in the near future. Happy Monday! xoxo